Now we’ve got broadband at the North Pole, it’s quicker to email Santa rather than writing a letter to Santa Claus. Remember to tell Santa what you want for Christmas + if you’ve been good all year.

So to make sure you get something really special under your Christmas tree click here to email Santa! Add your email if you want a reply.

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15 Awesome Responses so far

  1. Kamiya

    Dear Santa, I would really love for me, my mom, and my sister to live in a big house.

  2. Angela

    Dear Santa,
    For Christmas I want an iPod touch 5th generation that’s blue 32 gb. Is there anything else I can put on the table instead of cookies and milk?

  3. santa how can i grow wings

  4. Dear Santa,
    For Christmas I want XBox 360, Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, 3ds Xl, Beats Headphones, Iphone 6, Call of Duty, Advanced Warfare, Nba 2k15 and Nba 2K14,Spalding NBA Street Basketball, Coby MP620-4GBLU 1.8 Inch 4GB Video MP3 Player – Blue,Beats Pill Portable Speaker (Black) – Newest Model,
    Beats Dude Stand for Pill Portable Speaker (Black),Apple iPod Touch 16GB 5G MP3 Player Blue,Halo: The Master Chief Collection,Grand Theft Auto V – Xbox One,
    Nintendo Wii U Deluxe Set: Super Mario Bros U & Luigi U

  5. Oliver

    An Xbox one and a iPhone 5s and also an iPod touch.

  6. Noah Boyd

    Dear Santa,
    All I Want for Xmas is:
    2.Formal Clothing
    3.Double Decker Bus
    4.Plane Tickets for any Country I Set on
    I really really really really really want it.
    Noah Boyd,32 Richmond Street,New Bedford,Massachusetts,02740

  7. raven hamby

    can i talk to u my sister and would like to

  8. iella hamby

    my sister and have been a good so can we talk to u

  9. I want a American girl doll and a fur real cat and hot pink headphones and rainbow loom and I pod touch 5 cases and is santa real

  10. Anna

    I was just wondering if I could become an elf. And for christmas please may I have one of rudolphs bells like the boy got in the film the polar express

    • Santa

      Hi Anna all you need to be an elf is to try our Elf Name Generator and you are good to go! Then you can make your own bells…

  11. dear santa claus are your you are busing making toy four boy and girl on christmas ever from capt william freeman can mail

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