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Chapeau Blog Awards is Happy to Work with Santa to Grant Bloggers’ Holiday Wishes

Spring Park, MN (PRWEB) December 24, 2008

Minneapolis, MN – December 24, 2008- – Chapeau Blog Awards and Santa have been working closely this year to check – and double check – bloggers’ holiday wish lists.

This year it seems that top of most bloggers’ holiday lists is a blog awards program which:

1 – honors brilliant blogs

2 – offers a Grand Prize, and

3 – is affordable!

Santa’s eyes did twinkle when the elves presented their ideas for deserving bloggers this year.

Chapeau Blog Awards and Santa are proud to deliver the following gifts:

$ 2,000 for the Most Brilliant Blog
An iPod Touch to the top 4 Honorable Mention Blogs
A significantly reduced Chapeau Blog Award entry fee – Now $ 50.00

“For goodness sake, bloggers certainly have been good this year, and with nearly 23 million bloggers according to Technorati, Santa certainly has his hands full,” said Susan Misukanis, Director of Chapeau Blog Awards. “Chapeau Blog Awards is excited to be an honorary elf this year when we deliver a $ 2,000 award to the 2009 Most Brilliant Blog.”

Take advantage of the reduced entry fee and win thousands of dollars with Chapeau Blog Awards today! Final entry for Chapeau Blog Awards ends January 30th.

About Chapeau Blog Awards:

Chapeau Blog Awards is an awards contest that tips its chapeaus to honor bloggers worldwide who devote their time and knowledge to inform, entertain and challenge their readers. Those involved in the Chapeau Blog Awards are not involved in the final selection of winners. Rather than assembling an antiquated academy of high profile ‘Noggers’ – Non-bloggers – to determine which blog is best, Chapeau Blog Awards does what bloggers do. They ask for the opinion of the public sphere of blog readers. By asking blog readers to judge the Chapeau Blog Awards, entrants can be assured of a meaningful award as selected by their most important audience; blog readers themselves. Chapeau Blog Awards is the creator of BlogOh!Pedia an online encyclopedia of blogging terms and Blog Review an online review of blogs from around the world.

E-mail Chapeau Blog Awards at

The only way to be considered for a Chapeau Blog Award is to enter your blog today.


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