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Childish Toys Announces Launch of New Website

Childish Toys announces the launch of their new website featuring classic educational and entertaining toys. Their motto, “Play, Learn, Grow”, is evident in the type of children’s toys that is available through the site. From classic toys adults grew up with to to newer toys kids will cherish and remember for a lifetime, Childish Toys offers a wide array of fun, educational toys that allow children to play, learn and grow.

Childish Toys,, has a strong dedication to customer service and providing high quality toys at affordable prices. A wide variety of toys for children of all ages, including toy cars, toy trucks, toy trains, riding toys, crafts, games and building toys are available. Boys and girls will be delighted with the selection and parents will be thrilled with the opportunities their kids will have to play, learn and grow while using these unique toys.

“We know many parents are unsatisfied with the types and quality of toys many traditional retail outlet stores carry,” says Tony McCullough, creator of Childish Toys, “Because of this, we decided to bring about a unique shopping experience for parents and children alike. As parents ourselves we looked for unique, fun, and durable toys that our boys would enjoy, and that we wouldn’t have to worry about lasting only an afternoon or a few hours of play. We also found some great educational toys, such as the Horrible Science kits and the EarthWorks casting kits. We are confident the toys available on Childish Toys will allow children to have fun a lot of fun, and even, develop valuable social, language and motor skills.”

Shoppers at Childish Toys will find a convenient to use website, divided into easy to navigate sections. You can search these classic toys by genre, age appropriateness and popularity. Orders for children’s toys are generally processed and shipped within three days. The timely launch of the new website is ideal for those who are starting to shop for holiday presents for children’s toys and games.

ABOUT CHILDISH TOYS – Childish Toys, founded in 2008 by Tony and Torey McCullough and their 5 year old sons, Collin and Evan. Childish Toys was designed to offer unique, classic and heirloom quality toys that allow children to play, learn and grow. The selection of toys and games is appropriate for children of all ages from baby toys to games and collectibles the whole family can enjoy together. The wide variety of toy types including toy trains, toy cars, toy trucks, games, building toys and more is sure to please even the pickiest of children and adults alike! Childish Toys can be found on the Internet at

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