Santa News Lets Parents Trade Their Children’s Toys in First Online Toy Swap Meet

Fort Smith, AR (PRWEB) August 18, 2011 is a new website with a very creative idea: allow kids and parents to swap their old toys with each other, allowing for a less expensive option while keeping the “toy footprint” of the home from growing out of control. does not charge anything for the toys themselves, but only for the shipping and handling necessary to get the the toy to its new owner. The process is so simple that even a child can do it, and there are several benefits for participating in the first online toy swap meet. There are also multiple incentive programs being offered to encourage people to participate and help grow the online toy trading community.

Many parents and grandparents are over run with old toys. Children grow up, find different pastimes, and sometimes just grow bored with their old toys. These toys accumulate and eventually get placed in yard sales, or just plain thrown out. These toys are usually replaced with newer and more expensive toys that better fit the child’s interest or age. And thus the cycle begins again. helps break this cycle, by allowing your child to give away his toy to someone else, and in exchange, gets to pick another toy from any toy currently on the site.

The process has been simplified so that even children can understand and participate. Once the child or parent lists a toy and that toy is selected by someone else, the user is emailed a shipping label and packages the toy in a free Flat Rate Priority box. That user then gets a point. That point can be traded in for any other toy on the entire site. Once the user finds a toy that they want, they pay only the shipping and handling required to get their toy to their home. is currently offering several incentive programs to help grow the online toy trade community. For a limited time, every toy listed gets the user an entry into a drawing for a $ 50 Toys R Us gift card. There will be one gift card awarded for every 500 entries. Also, is giving a $ 1 bonus credit each time a listed toy is selected by another user. Finally,’s referral program is designed to help grow the online toy trade community, while rewarding the users that make it possible. Every referred friend will receive a $ 2 bonus credit when their first listed toy is chosen. The friend that referred them then gets $ 1 too. will also be announcing an affiliate program soon, that will offer rewards for websites that send users to the site. Those interested in the affiliate program can use the Contact Us form on the website. was created by Jeremy Schreckhise, Michael DeSanto, and Chris Dungan of Fort Smith, Arkansas. They are all Information Technology Professionals with over 25 combined years of website design and IT security experience. Jeremy and Michael are also proud parents, who appreciate the benefits trading toys instead of having their homes overrun with unused toys.

Those that would like more information, or would like to begin trading toys can visit


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