Letters to Santa Claus

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From Anuhya

I want a gift box with that I want big doll and a barbie with 20 dress & barbie set  please Santa Claus give this gift please.

From Ferris Man

Santa Claus – I love you. Merry Chirstmas.  How are you? I am MAN Chun Ho. I am five. I am a good boy.  I want to have a Gundam.

Thank you.

Chun Ho

From Helen

Dear Father Christmas,

I am Helen from China. I am a good girl who is 7 years old. Here is my wish list for Christmas gift:

1) 100 Lucky Stars

2) Pencils

Look forward to receiving the gifts from you. I will study hard in 2012.

Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

Helen Tan

From Shannay

I hope you come to 73 xxxxx street. I hope you bring me what I want and a good Christmas. Love Shannay xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

From Man Hau Mun

Hello Santa Claus,

The X’mas is coming soon! How are you? I’m a boy from Hong Kong, which is one of the great cities in the Southern China. I know you are very busy because of preparing a number of presents to the children in all over the world. I’ve a very big dream that flying with you in the graceful sky when I was young, so I’m gald to meet you on this year’s X’mas night. Um, will you give me a present? I know you are very busy,but can you be my pen friend.(If you are true)I know sometimes i am naughty,sometimes i am especially good.In this Cristmas I hope Ican have a toy plane.(I am live in  Flat xxx/ xxx House, xxx Estate, Siu Sai Wan,Hong Kong) I hope we can be pen friend and I can see you!

I’m looking forward to seeing you! Have a nice day!

Your friend,

Man Hau Mun,Ziv

From Heman

Dear Father Christmas,

How are you?

I am a Chinese boy. I am a good boy who is studying in primary school. I want to tell you my Christmas wish this year. If you can, please send me a NERF Fire Launcher, a pen and a notebook as my Christmas gifts.

I will study harder and harder in the new year, and continue to be a good boy.

Wish you all the best!! Thank you so much!!


From Marella Fox

Dear Santa, there are a lot of things that I want for Christmas, but here is a list of what I want.

–Nike sweat pants

–Ipod touch

–Justin Bieber perfume

–Clothes from hollister and Victoria’s Secret Pink –chi straightener –big time rush cd –justin bieber posters –Juicy couture lemon poppy seed perfume –year subscription to cosmopolitan –hangover 2 –friend’s with benefits –new backpack –forever 21 clothes –finally, a car. it can be used, and you don’t have to spend that much on it. You don’t even have to bring me a car at all as long as i get one for my birthday next month.

ps– Ive been awesome to my parents this year and to my friends. thanks! love, the best cheerleader ever :)

From Amrhokie

Dear Santa, this is me amrhokie wanting to say hello.

From Sam

Hi Santa what I want for Christmas this year is a video kinect and some xbox 360 games.

From William Freeman

dear santa claus are doing in do norad pole i will be at working in myfire statingon christmas nighting fairfax co fire rescue hazmat 440from capt william freeman apparatus captain – Fairfax county  fire and rescue  hazmat 440.

From Matt

Dear Santa,

Here is my Christmas list for you i want a snowglobe i also want some lint chocolate i also want some chap stick i also want some vanilla pepsi i also want some gift cards to fast food places i love you Santa Claus your friend Matt Brown

From Alexis

Dear santa may i get wwe 12 for ps3 a white nintendo 3ds and a laptop please thank you

From Brooke

Are You Real? Many people say you are fake and that our parents give us presents.So,are you real or made up?

From Tammy Suzanne Shelton

Hi Santa how are u I love u

I would like a new computer, with a printer, with a cd rom.

wrestling clothes with different wrestlers wrestling sheets and wrestling pillows dallas cowboys clothes new dishes new corless phone with a answermacine new speaker phone i don’t have any food and sodas and candy and sweets and cookies talking parrot talking remote control robot computer cames and games for playing on tv new tv stereo dvd’s scary movies cd’s music shoes boots new computer desk new chair in my bedroom in from the computer.

From Kyle

Iwant real live dog my family says its ok. Popcorn, cottencandy, pretsmecheen dsi or 3dmanchellds babby laptop suprz me with mor stuff.

love Kyle

From Jakob

Hi can you give me your email address?

From Luwis Smith

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From Jason Lee

Hi how are you doing for Christmas. I want a real laptop love you Santa Claus. Jason Lee

From Jariah

Hi Santa What are you doing?

From Derek


From Ouerluguo

I love Diablo 3 Items.

From Tony

I would like all these  presents for christmas!

From Braxton Kaane

I love family!!!

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