to Broadcast Santa’s Live Departure on Christmas Eve at 12:05PM to Broadcast Santa’s Live Departure on Christmas Eve at 12:05PM

Beginning at 12 p.m. on December 24th children will be able to track Santa by visiting to view a CGI Animated videos of Santa and his sleigh, including the ‘live’ Departure from the North Pole, as well as arrival in NYC, and arrival into San Francisco.Read more

Letters to Santa

Read the best letters to Santa Santa Claus here. If you've emailed Santa Claus YOUR letter may appear on the Letters to Santa page.

Santas Tweets

Santa Santa Claus seeks extra twits to get sackfuls of tweets out on Christmas Day. If you speak tweet, Santa needs YOU so click here ...

Christmas Presents

If you've sent a letter to Santa you'll find exactly what you want for Christmas right here..

Santas Workshop

Visit Santa's Workshop where SAnta & his helpers are preparing for a bumper Christmas.

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Email Santa Claus

Email Santa Claus

Email a letter to Santa Claus this Christmas to tell him what you really want for Christmas. It’s easy! Simply add your message to our online Email Santa page and form.
Christmas Countdown

Christmas Countdown

[fergcorp_cdt] The countdown to Christmas has officially started at Santa Santa Claus now that Santa Claus is back from his Summer Holidays! Already Santa’s little